Create high-quality images programmatically using easily-hackable templates.

imgmaker is a Python package that leverages headless Google Chrome via selenium for image generation, which counterintuitively has many benefits:

  • Renders images at Retina resolution (2x DPI) for improved image/text quality, and downsamples them by default for further improved antialiasing.
  • Templates are just HTML and CSS, allowing them to be tweaked even by designers.
  • Since the CSS is responsive, you get conditional image adjustments based on the image width without additional code flows.
  • Optional dynamic image height to fit whatever text is provided.
  • Leverages jinja2 for Python templating, Bulma for high-quality CSS-only layouts, and Font Awesome for icon fonts.

The generated images can be used for many things, including social sharing thumbnails, Twitter bots, and APIs.


imgmaker can be installed from PyPI via pip. (Python 3.6+)

pip3 install imgmaker

You will also need to download a ChromeDriver with the same version as your installed Google Chrome. imgmaker has a CLI tool that will automatically download the ChromeDriver for your platform corresponding to the latest stable version to the current directory:

imgmaker chromedriver


Max Woolf (@minimaxir)

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